Student Testimonial Video

Student Testimonial Video - JoJo

Student Testimonial Video - JoJo


Hear what students and graduates are saying:

The best school ever! Love Mrs. Bader and Mrs. Elaine!! The front desk made me smile every day and I can’t wait to book my Spa Day!! My job, Hand and Stone, has already hired multiple graduates from this school in particular, because they know how well prepared, and knowledgeable we are when we leave school!
Michelle McDonald, Class of 2015
The mood is positive and everyone has a supportive attitude. The culture at DuVall’s is one that encourages students to have fun, but also be responsible. The staff is excellent. I always feel like there is someone there to give me advice or feedback when I need it.
Amy Meszko, Class of 2015
I chose DuValls because it had an amazing atmosphere and the staff and other students are friendly and accepting. I’ve learned a lot in my short time here, and it’s shown me the importance of setting goals and finishing what I start.
Megan Smith, Class of 2015
The atmosphere is fun and exciting. All the instructors, especially Ms. Taylor, are great at explaining and making things fun. I have learned so much about hair cutting, hair color, and so much more.
Maddie Baugh, Class of 2015
The enrollment process was very easy. The staff is very welcoming and friendly. You’re never made to feel like the “new kid”
Madison Duncan, Class of 2015
I chose DuVall’s because I liked the environment more than the other schools I toured. Everyone is nice and the facility is clean and organized. The other school I toured was dirty and chaotic and the staff pressured me to attend their school and kept calling me. The enrollment process at DuVall’s was easy! All I had to do was make an appointment. When I came in, Miss Jessica explained everything and we signed all the necessary papers.
Emma Carlson, Class of 2015
It took many years for me to decide to come to school. My daughter encouraged me to come and I am so glad I did! I always enjoyed my clients.
Parminder Mann, Class of 2015
I was a full time employee and attending school at night was very exhausting. It became overwhelming during my pregnancy but my little family and and an amazing instructor kept me going. Special thanks to Darla, Chanda, and La’Zarvius for your patience, help, and time; to Miss Carla for being inspiring and for bringing positive energy; to Miss Bader for being the most amazing instructor, for teaching me your professional and personal knowledge and pushing me to the end.
Douana Lo, Class of 2014
I chose this school cause of the amazing teachers and cause of the atmosphere of the school. I really love it here! And I’ve learned so much for the whole year I’ve been here!
Klarissa Mendoza, Class of 2014
My experience at DuVall’s could not have been any better. The number one thing I loved is the teacher-student relationships. It was safe and I was comfortable asking questions.
Jordan Duzan, Class of 2014
I liked the family atmosphere at DuVall’s. I felt cared for and appreciated the kindness. Everyone was down to earth.
Natalie LaBerge, Class of 2014
I don’t think I would have graduated from Cosmetology School if I hadn’t found DuVall’s.
Brianna Berry, Class of 2014
I love the teachers, they really care for the students. We become close like family.
Kayla Burns, Class of 2014
This is the best school in the metroplex!! Academically, the campus, it’s privately owned with owner involvement.
Rebecca Eymber English, Class of 2014
I rate this school a 9 or 10! I learned something every day.
Jeri Simmons, Class of 2014
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