Fall 2020 Makeup Trends

Brighten up your fall routine with some on trend looks for the 2020 holiday season! Changing out the pastels of summer for the dark glamour of winter beauty is our favorite fall color change. This year the focus is on the details, so whether you’re gearing up for a family zoom call or a socially distanced holiday gathering, these looks have something for you.

Glowing Skin

This is a summer trend that is too good to fade away as we transition into cooler weather. Staying moisturized is a must when the air gets dry, and essential to keeping a natural glow look for the holidays. This trend is all about skincare and natural-looking foundation shades, plus everyone looks great with a glowing complexion!


Fall is a fun time to use rich metallic shades to accent any look. This trend works on almost all eye shapes and colors because it helps reflect light. The best part is that it’s not just about silver and gold anymore, there are so many metallic shades to choose from!

Smoky Cat Eye

This twist on a classic is just a smokier approach to a longtime favorite. Subtle smoky eyes with a focus on graphic liner is a great way to add drama no matter what kind of face-covering you are wearing. While makeup may have not been a top priority for many this summer, fall is a time for glamor.

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are perfect for a subtle pop of rich color, and can add some moody vibes to any look. Perfect for the cooler weather, attention-grabbing eye color will be popular as we cover our face masks with scarves this winter!

Floating Liner

This creative trend is a graphic and unique way of drawing on eyeliner. Floating liner is just that, eyeliner placed in a nontraditional way above the normal eye line. It’s an easy way to add in a fun accent color. Depending mainly on skill and application, this trend can really be done anyway to complement a variety of looks and personal styles.