Graphic Liner

Graphic liner is a fall 2022 beauty trend that can go with almost any style! From subtle to full graphic bold, this trend is easy to get creative with both color and application. It might be hard to get the right shape for your lid and crease, but nothing a few practice runs wont figure out. Experiment until you find a look that works for your own beauty routine and style!

Want to go the extra mile? Mix and match classic black liner with bright accents! From neon lining colors to shiny metallic gold or silver, this graphic style can adapt to almost any look and also looks great over bright eyeshadow.


We can all thank Euphoria for this trend taking 2022 by storm and revving up the hearts of every 90’s and early 2000’s babes in existence! The key to this look? Accent your best features! From gemstones to pearls these embellishments have been hitting the runways and our favorite shows all year long and now brands are releasing more customer friendly products to the general public. Get creative, but plan your look out first before starting the appliqué process!

Metallic & Foil Shine

Every fall some sort of metallic trend makes a comeback, with holiday looks silver and gold usually take center stage. This year the trend goes bigger and bolder with coordinated lip, eye, and cheek shine taking center stage. If gold lids and lips are too much for your style, using a graphic liner in metallic shades could be the hint of glam you’re looking for!

Clean Girl Makeup

Keeping a fresh glow in the fall is not always as easy as it is in the summer. But there are a few ways to get a dewier finish in colder weather.

GLOW ALL DAY – Keep the hydration up! Consider adding a face steam to your skincare routine to pump up the hydration and allow products to penetrate deeper into the skin.

UNDERPAINTING – Essentially it involves using blush or bronzer underneath foundation for a smoother and more natural look. The key is to stick to cream based makeup for this technique, for seamless blending and wet-look highlights.