Whether you’re camping or glamping this summer, you need to add these simple, easy-to-accomplish ideas to your adventuring routine. Traveling and exploring the wonderful world that we live in has gained popularity and sparked a wave of people taking up camping or, as I prefer, glamping. Camping comes with its own unique set of beauty upkeep challenges, and one of them is achieving decent skin care and effortless glam routines while sitting in the woods!


Check out these camping friendly beauty routines for your next adventure!


With running water not always available, makeup remover wipes and a waterless cleanser will be your best friend. Yes, you heard that right: waterless cleanser! There are a few online retailers that carry these magic washes, and they work like a charm. After a long day of exploring and hiking nothing feels better than clean skin!

Lugging around an entire makeup bag full of full sized, full glam makeup products is less than ideal when trying to conserve space in a tent or camper. Opt for small, travel-sized products and only necessities. I know; it was hard for me, too…leaving behind my big bronzing palette! But I survived, and you will, too! Besides maintaining the physical space your makeup takes up, limiting yourself to your favorite two to four products is all you need to do!

How do you decide which ones to bring?! I got you.


Exploration can lead to water! Swimming, beaches, rivers, kayaking, etc. Using waterproof mascara will ensure that you’ll be prepared for wherever the adventure takes you and your lashes will look bomb whilst doing so.


Blemish? Concealer. Baggy eyes from restless sleep in a tent? Concealer. The versatility of concealer makes it a great item to have with you while adventuring this summer.


Maybe the sun decided to hide during your adventure, and you’re stuck looking colorless on your glamping excursion. Throw on some color, and feel better in seconds. Choosing a blush that comes with an applicator, sponge or is liquid will eliminate your need for a brush!


Maybe you have been blessed with thick, gorgeous eyebrows, and this tip won’t apply to you. But if you’re like me and if you don’t fill them, people wonder what emotions you’re displaying, then your solution is to throw a good “TWIST up” brow pencil in your camping bag. Twist up is crucial here! It would be a sad day if you whipped out your brow pencil ready to dominate the day and you discover that you don’t have a sharpener.


With makeup out of the way, now let’s focus on hair. While showers may be accessible, long, extensive hair care routines are not always feasible. But wait! That doesn’t mean you can’t have luscious locks.


This is your best friend while camping. Between windows down, salt water, fresh water, bugs, sunscreen, bugspray, possible ground sleeping…you are dealing with a recipe for matted, tangled, unmanageable hair. Keeping your hair brushed is crucial!


Hair tie, scrunchy – whatever you prefer, bring it! Keep that hair braided, pulled back, and out of the way! This is especially true if swimming or windy conditions are on your radar. You do not want to spend quality adventure time getting knots out of your hair.


A travel-sized dry shampoo is always good to have. It might not be needed, or you might think it is not necessary, but sometimes showers aren’t as accessible and instead of looking greasy, this is your easiest, quickest fix!

No matter your method of camping, it’s the journey that matters, and I hope that you find these glamping tips helpful and useful on your next adventure!