This summer is off to a hot start… phew! The unbearably hot, scorching weather may be good for the beach, your ideal party, or perfect to achieve the tan of your dreams, but unfortunately the heat can be a big bummer for the hair. Whether you have long or short, curly or straight, the humidity, poofing, and frizziness that comes with the summer can put a damper on any look. If your hair is not a big fan of heat and humidity, these tips are for you!


Frizz can be a problem all year long, but many experience its less-than-lovely gifts during the warm, humid, hot summer months. As much as it pains me to say this, avoiding heated tools can make a world of a difference, but that is of course easier said than done. Summer is full of grad parties, baby and bridal showers, weddings, and more. Cutting out hair styling tools is not always an option. When it isn’t, try washing your hair with cooler water during this time.  Hot water opens the hair follicle up more, resulting in a higher chance for that piece to frizz. Condition well to keep the hair moisturized and dry the hair with a microfiber towel afterwards. All these steps can be achieved with minimal effort and can save ya from a frizzy tizzy.

Curl Insurance

We have all been there: your hair looks stunning and flawless when you get to the event, but one hour in and the heat has the curls falling out. Whether you are curling, waving, crimping, or straightening your hair, without the proper steps, your hard work is bound to melt away in this heat. 

Use deep conditioning treatments leading up to it. Ensuring and retaining the moisture in the hair can help stop and prevent the problem before it even begins. It’s a little insurance policy, if you will. Now that your hair has been prepped leading up to the day you’re styling it, it’s go time: time to style it. When using heat tools, you want to use a high-quality heat protectant on the hair. This is an all-year-long rule, but it especially applies in the summer to avoid damaging the hair even more. Now that it is conditioned and protected, you can curl and crimp. Once you have styled your hair and are ready to lock it in place, use an oil of your choice to go around each curl lightly. The added moisture – along with a heavy-duty hold gel – will be the ticket to keep your look the way it is intended.

Up & Away

Tips and tricks can be lifesavers and helpful, but sometimes the heat and the hair just don’t mix. That does not mean you have to go out looking half-done or looking like a runner-up in a Pomeranian contest. Braids, ponies, and buns are all gorgeous and trendy ways to look stunning while not stressing. Getting the hair wrangled into a braid can eliminate most of your frizz. Poof! Goodbye, eat styling conundrums! The pony and the bun can allow you to add more creativity and style without eliminating the styling process.

Try out some solutions, but also know that everyone around you is in the same boat! Roll with it through the hot summer. Protect your hair in the process as best as you can, but don’t sweat it too much!