Summer skincare is a careful balance of sun protection and moisture.

Here are some of the ways you can help keep your skin happy in the summer heat!

Protect Your Skin

This summer, sunscreen is your best protection and best friend for healthy skin. You should wear it all day, everyday, and especially on cloudy days. Besides generally a good standard practice for skin protection, in the summer the days and heat exposure are longer with intense UV rays. This increases the chance of wrinkles, sun spots, discoloration and even worse, skin cancer. If sunscreen isn’t a part of your daily summer skincare routine – it definitely should be.

All The Moisturizer

Between the humidity, heat, and sweat, skipping moisturizer can feel like a blessing – but it’s actually not a great idea. Damage from the heat and sun means your skin is stressed, and could probably use the extra protection and nutrients after being irritated and dry.

Go Easy on the products

While keeping up your moisturizer routine is key, there are other changes to your skincare and makeup routine you can change up in the summer months to give your skin a break. Opting for a lighter cleanser for a more soothing wash can help, and make sure to use care with ingredients that react strongly to sunlight.

Exfoliation Is Key

With all the sunscreen, moisturizer, sweat, and oil that builds up every day during the summer, exfoliation is key! Finding a gentle exfoliating cleanser can be a lifesaver for your natural glow. Its the best way to avoid breaking out, and a great addition to your summer skincare routine.

Making seasonal adjustments to your skincare routine can be the best thing for healthy skin! We recommend talking to your esthetician for the summer skincare tailored to your unique needs. Schedule your appointment at Duvall’s today!