The holidays are filled with wonderful memories, quality family time, and great food. But they also come with hosting, traveling, planning, chaos, and stress. Whether you’re staying in this year, having people over, or going out and about, these makeup tips will keep your makeup look flawless, no matter what these holidays throw at you.

BFF #1: Primer

The key is Prime Prime Prime, and I’m not talking about Amazon. Primer is going to be your best friend this year. This cold weather is bound to dry the skin out; the primer can help lock in that moisture. Whether you’re doing a full holiday glam or a simple, natural look, primer is going to be your best friend. Applying the primer hydrates the face and that allows for the makeup to stay in place, exactly where you put it, all. the. live. long. day.

BFF #2: Powder

After your primer is applied and you finish the rest of your face, now it’s time for Holiday bestie number two. Powder! Cooking, cleaning, mingling, your makeup is bound to smudge somewhere. We have to lock it down with powder. Translucent, banana, tinted, loose, compact…whatever you have in your makeup bag, use it!

BFF #3: Hair Ties

Keep your hair up! Up and out of the way. Ponytail, braid, bun, shaved, whatever your heart desires, just get that fur out of your way. But isn’t this a blog post about makeup tips?! Why are we talking about hair!? I will tell you! With your luscious locks down, the odds of you messing up your face full of makeup are significantly higher! You would never realize how often you touch your face to get hair out of your eyes, out of your lip gloss, put behind your ears, etc. The safest way to keep finger smudges off the canvas that is your perfectly applied foundation? Play it safe with a good ol’ ponytail this holiday.

BFF #4: Setting Spray

This one may seem self-explanatory but surprisingly underused! A good setting spray can be the difference from fresh to flop after a few hours. A simple misting of this magical spray is enough to keep that look locked in place like Fort Knox.

BFF #5: Waterproof Mascara

Holidays can be a time of excited, exercise-level dancing or a time of tears of happiness or remembrance. You might want a little extra support to manage the extra dampness of crowded holiday parties! Applying a water-proof mascara over a regular one can be a simple switch that comes to your rescue. It still achieves the same great look but with a little insurance. If the tears start flowing, you would rather look like a Rockette… not Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy….

No holiday meal, sloppy cheek kiss from grandma or hosting of the in-laws is going to break you down this year! Snag a tip or two from above to seal your look and give yourself smudge-free, holiday glam that looks great many hours after application.