Face masks have been a staple in skin care routines for quite some time. But do any of us really know what we are doing? Why are they helpful, and how long should we use them? From application, wait time, frequency and product selection, the world of face masks is vast and plentiful. But don’t fret! Your quick “face mask ‘how-to’” is coming right up!


Face masks can address all sorts of skin care concerns. Sometimes a routine of using a cleanser and moisturizer every morning and night is just not enough to give our skin the refresh that it needs. Adding a face mask to your skincare routine can help with redness, dryness, pores, acne, overall glow, and many other things. Identifying your skin’s needs is the first step in finding the right product for yourself. With the popularity of the masks, locating a drugstore, pharmacy or beauty store with a mask in stock that will suit your face shouldn’t require lengthy searching. 


Now that it is established that face masks are a must-have in our skin care routine… how often are they really necessary? A general rule of thumb is 1-2 times weekly, depending on your skin’s needs. Exceeding 3 face mask uses per week can lead to dryness or redness, so monitor your skin and its needs before, during and after applying masks!


Some masks come with a thin film that mimics the shape and contour of a face. Line things up appropriately, and you’ll be set. Other masks are simply a tube of thick liquid with just enough mask substance to cover a face. Most over-the-counter products give brief instructions on application and wait time, but if that information is absent, this should help! Most masks are a thick consistency that is best applied with a silicone mask brush, but your CLEAN fingers (yes, wash them please!) will do just fine. Smear the goo evenly across your face, avoiding mouth and eyes. Wait the indicated amount (or 15 minutes if not specifically stated) before either washing or peeling it off. Some masks even instruct users to remove the paper-like application and then massage the remaining liquid into the skin. Now that you’re all dewy and hydrated, smear on your favorite moisturizer and enjoy feeling super fresh!

Find your favorites; find good deals; and stock up! Remember that 15 minutes of self-care is WORTH IT, and YOU DESERVE IT!