Life can be busy, crazy, and hectic! Juggling school, errands, families, and life, in general, can be overwhelming! On some days, even finding time to shower and wash your hair can seem next to impossible. On days like this, we all want the easiest solutions to get our mornings going: no surprises and no challenges. So when that’s your goal when you wake up, not much is worse than waking up to greasy hair and reaching for your favorite can of dry shampoo to find it empty. Instead of “panic showering” and risking not only being late but increasing your blood pressure, try one of these five tricks to fix your ‘do when you’re out of dry shampoo.

Trick One: Baby Powder! 

Baby powder can be a great dry shampoo alternative due to its moisture-absorbing qualities. Make sure to use it sparingly and give yourself plenty of time to dust it out before leaving for the day.

Trick Two: Cornstarch!

If you are in search of a more natural option, head to the kitchen to grab some cornstarch. Cornstarch can work wonders if used in small amounts and given time to soak up the oils. 

Trick Three: Texturizing Spray!

Oily hair often can look limp and drab, increasing the texture of your hair with a texturizing spray can help give it body and volume, perfectly disguising greasy hair.

Trick Four: Rubbing Alcohol!

Grab a cotton ball or round and some rubbing alcohol, a toner or astringent will work also! Blot the roots of your scalp with the alcohol and let it dry. The alcohol will dry up the oils leaving you with a drier look for the day!

Trick Five: Headbands!

When sprays, powders, and products aren’t working for you, grab an accessory! Hats, bows, bandanas, headbands, and more are all quick and easy ways to get by for the day! Running late? Headband! 

No matter which trick you end up using, remember to leave some time to finish your styling session with a blow dryer, and use it on low heat! Whether you’re drying the remaining rubbing alcohol, blowing away the baby powder or cornstarch, or giving some style to your texturizing spray or headband look… a low heat blow dry can up your flop game to fresh for the final touch!
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