Valentine’s Day! The day of love! Do you have dinner plans with your true love? A night out with the gals, or a hot date with your couch? Regardless if you’re in a relationship or rocking the single life, this holiday is a fun excuse to wear pink, buy yourself flowers, stuff your face with chocolate, and appreciate the love in our lives in any capacity! To ensure a successful Valentine’s Day, avoid these common makeup mistakes!


Love is in the air, which means everything this month is various shades of pink and red. Most likely if you are embarking on Valentine’s plans of your own, you have incorporated these colors one way or another into your look. That’s great! Grand even! Just please…I’m begging you…do not put a light dusting of pink and red eyeshadow on!! If you have the patience and talent to achieve a thorough, well-blended, detailed, pink/red-eye look, then go for it! But if eyeshadow is not on your resume for special skills, I’d avoid it. You wouldn’t want to show up looking like you are having an allergic reaction or a bad case of pink eye.


Don’t freak out! If someone told me not to wear red lipstick on Valentine’s Day, I would be mad, too! Don’t fret, keep the red lipstick indefinitely, just maybe make sure it is smudge and smear-proof. If you are a red lipstick person then you know that the stuff finds its way onto clothes, chins, and cups. The last thing you want is to leave a trail of lipstick wherever you go, and I’m sure your date would prefer not to look like they had hot Cheetos for dinner.


If you live in an area that is sunny and 75 on Valentine’s Day, please disregard this advice, but if you reside where it is chillier in February, you may want to avoid short dresses and strappy heels! Especially if you aren’t sure about your plans! A dress in the snow inside a restaurant is much more comfortable than a dress for a stroll downtown. Walking through the snow-covered parking lots in strappy heels or trying to avoid a Marilyn Monroe moment when the wind catches that skirt is not the love story I’m envisioning this year. A jumpsuit or high-waisted pants and a bodysuit are still flattering, dress-ish outfits that can accommodate the chillier temps and whatever the night throws at ya.


If you’re embarking on a dinner this Valentine’s Day, the chances of the restaurant having low, ambient lighting is high. Choosing the proper makeup styles for the environment is necessary. If you opt for a subtle, sheer, and non-makeup makeup look you can appear washed out, bland, and less “wow” in the traditional Valentine’s Day dinner light. Opting for darker eye makeup, brighter lips, and more dramatic blush and contour can take your gorgeous looks to a new seductive level this holiday!

No matter where you find yourself on February 14th, embrace the love! The love you have for yourself, the love you have for others, pets, and everything in between. Dress up, dress down, and have fun!