First step: cosmetology school. Second step: find a job! This second step can feel so stressful – no matter the industry! – and we’re here to give you some ideas and inspirations for potential post-grad paths!

The two primary paths after cosmetology school are skincare and haircare. Some exciting news is that it is totally possible to tackle both fields simultaneously, and your license from DuVall’s School of Cosmetology will allow you that flexibility! Most graduates do decide to specialize within one lane. Either way, we have some fun ideas for you to think about as you consider your post-graduate plans.

There are countless jobs that you can pursue after finishing either the Cosmetology program or the Esthetics program at DuVall. Did you know that with a cosmetology license that you could be a theatrical stylist, eyelash technician, or a skin care specialist? Does becoming a makeup technician, salon owner or manager, or maybe a distributor sales consultant pique your interest? The possibilities are virtually endless, and cosmetology school grads are creating new roles all the time!

Here are some fun jobs that you can pursue with a cosmetology license!

Artistic Director

Artistic directors draw from a solid knowledge base of product development and marketing skills. Artistic directors are visionaries who set the tone and focus for their organizations, and they are key members of any beauty company.

Hair Styling Specialist

Hair styling specialists are the best therapists that we can ask for, right? But seriously, finding a good hair stylist near your home is such a bonus. Specializing in hair treatment, coloring and styling techniques, hair styling specialists can create one the most rewarding and flexible lifestyles that one could imagine.

Medical Esthetician

Medical estheticians use medical grade equipment to support their clients’ various skincare needs. Medical estheticians can work alongside medical professionals (i.e. dermatologists) in medical settings or they can operate independently, typically as a supplement to medical professionals. These wonderful humans help clients with more serious skin conditions whether they are naturally occurring (i.e. skin spots due to aging) or a result of an event (i.e. traumatic event like a fire, chemical burns, etc).

Wedding / Event Artist

Wedding and event artists help you look totally *glam* on your big day – whatever that day may entail! From hair to make-up, wedding and event artists can be available to work on you or your guests – whatever you want! They can work for agencies as direct hires or as freelancers. Also, in the social media life that we live, wedding and event artists frequently market themselves independently through their Instagram or TikTok profiles!

Platform Artist / Stylist

Platform stylists and artists are experts in the beauty industry. The focus of their expertise is on a particular brand, and their primary objective is to sell a product to the brand’s audience. They are technically sound salespeople who have not only honed the crafts related to what they are selling, but they also have a solid cosmetological foundation on which they have built those skills. They educate with effective communication, and they have engaging personalities that will draw in the brand’s ideal audience.

No matter what you have in mind in the beauty industry, DuVall’s School of Cosmetology can help to get you where you want to go. With high quality education on classic techniques, as well as current trends and products, you will be equipped with the technical and soft skills necessary to pursue any cosmetology job that you can imagine.