Cosmetology Education Compared to Traditional College

On the fence about choosing a cosmetology education over a traditional college degree? While traditional universities offer many choices when it comes to degrees and career paths, it isn’t always easy to land a job after graduation. Most cosmetology schools offer the chance at a career right after the licensing exam, with a shorter education program. See why DuVall’s is one of the best cosmetology schools in Dallas.

Here are some of the other advantages cosmetology education offers:

Tuition Cost & Financial Aid

Wouldn’t it be nice to leave school with a job and not be hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt? Compared to most traditional universities, a cosmetology education is much cheaper. While the cost of beauty school isn’t free, there are plenty of amazing scholarships, grants, and loans that can help you cover tuition. Get in touch with DuVall’s Financial Aid department to see how many options are available for you!

So Many Job Opportunities!

The great thing about a cosmetology license is that you don’t have to wait around to be hired. You can always work for yourself! Not to mention the job market in the beauty industry has been on the rise, meaning there are more jobs available than you think. Plus, a cosmetology education at DuVall’s comes with a reputation for excellent students that salons love to hire. And most student find job placement to be a breeze. To sum it up, you can graduate in less time and are more likely to find a satisfying job with a cosmetology license.

Freedom to Live

While some milestones of life can keep you from a traditional education, cosmetology school offers flexibility to learn on your terms. There are many courses available in DuVall’s School of Cosmetology, and many can work around your family schedule. Not to mention after your licensing exam you make your own schedule. Work and family life are easier when you can schedule clients around school hours and extracurricular activities.

The bottom line is, a cosmetology education has many benefits over a traditional degree! Talk to the DuVall’s School Admissions department today to get your cosmetology career started, or take a tour of our school.