Struggling to keep your hair looking enriched and healthy?

Try a deep conditioning treatment!

Sick of dull, drab, lifeless hair? These few, deep conditioning hacks might be just the tricks you need to add some shine and lusciousness back to your locks. Deep conditioning can do wonders for the hair, including breakage repair, growth and frizz reduction!

Store-Bought Deep Conditioner

Deep conditioners come in many brands, names, recipes and target areas of treatment. If opting for a store-bought, deep-conditioning product, make sure to look for one that suits your hair needs! Store-bought methods are pretty easy to get your hands on but so are the ingredients to make your own!

Homemade Deep Conditioner

Homemade deep conditioners can also work in an effort to make more natural conditioning treatments (or in a pinch if the store isn’t on the agenda). Loads of recipes are available on the internet, but the most beneficial ones for the hair contain olive oil and honey, as well as egg yolk and melted (but not hot!) coconut oil.

Tips & Tricks

One trick used to achieve a better, deep-conditioning outcome is to apply some warmth in the form of a shower cap or warm towel on top of the treatment. The use of the cap will serve as insulation, allowing the hair cuticles to open more and become more able to absorb the treatment and hold in the moisture. 

The second must-know about deep conditioner is that it is a weekly to bi-weekly treatment. It is NOT a daily one. The use of a deep conditioner daily will eventually cause excessive build-up on the hair and scalp, ultimately doing more harm than good. 

Thirdly, a good, general rule to follow is to keep the deep conditioning treatment 30 full minutes on your hair! Many people lose out on the benefits of these conditioners because they do not let them sit long enough on the hair. 

Another tip to ensure maximum hydration and shine is to shampoo before the treatment. While the only true requirement is to have wet hair, shampooing before rather than afterwards has led to greater visibility of shine and longer-lasting hydration in the hair.

“I can’t go out… I have to wash my hair!”

It turns out that it takes almost NO time to completely upgrade your hair game! Regardless of store-bought or homemade varieties, pre- or post-shampoo application, deep conditioning is a great way to restore your hair, and your hair will thank you later. It’s time-friendly; it’s easy; and if you haven’t started yet, you need to!