Unique Cosmetology Skills

While there are a lot of cosmetology skills you can learn on the internet these days, there are some experiences that aspiring beauty professionals can only get at school. It’s a little easier to prepare yourself for salon work or even starting your own business when you are already familiar with client interactions and management expectations. Here are some of the ways that cosmetology school can help you prepare with hands-on experience!

Working With Real Customers

One of the downsides to learning certain beauty skills on your own is the lack of a legitimate salon setting. High quality beauty schools offer students the opportunity to improve their cosmetology skills while working in a real salon environment. Our DuVall’s School Salon offers a wide variety of services, check it out HERE!

Performing Well Under Pressure

It’s no secret that some cosmetology jobs can come with a high amount of pressure. Mistakes by a salon colorist can be expensive and difficult to salvage, and the same goes for cutting hair. Learning how to manage your clients and appointments is important. But developing a way to handle the creative pressures and expectations comes from experience, another unique cosmetology skill professionals learn in school!

Different Hair and Skin Types

A one-size-fits-all approach isn’t something that will get you very far in the cosmetology industry. There are so many different hair and skin types your clients may have, and its up to you to help them. Whether its learning different ways to cut fine or curly hair, or better ways to prepare facials for delicately aging skin. These are all cosmetology skills that come from extensive hours working with clients and learning from other professionals. A cosmetology or esthetics program can help prepare you all skin and hair types, check out our Programs here.

What it comes down to is that most cosmetology professionals need hands-on experience to really learn and then apply certain skills. Having to learn those skills on the job can be difficult, especially if you are trying to build up a client base as a new beauty professional! Just remember that there are unique cosmetology skills you can only learn at school.