There are different types of cosmetology jobs that are exciting career choices for any cosmetology student.

September is the time of year where fashion in celebrated all over the world, with different runways showing the latest trends in fashion and beauty! All of the big fashion shows in cities around the world have one thing in common, you will find cosmetologists at all of them. So this month we celebrate the many amazing job opportunities for cosmetologists.

Celebrity Makeup Artist

Working as a celebrity makeup artist may seem far out of reach, but it is possible! Every cosmetologist that works for a celebrity starts in the same place, cosmetology school. A celebrity makeup artist is a cosmetology job that takes years to work up to. Building that relationship and trust takes time since it’s a very intimate role in anyone’s beauty squad. Celebrity makeup artists travel the world and help create looks for big events like red carpets, award shows, and interviews.

Runway Makeup Artist or Hairstylist

While fashion week is the biggest event in the fashion world, there are many more events to take part in. The looks showcased at large events influence beauty and fashion trends all over the world. Models debut hair, makeup and nail trends for each season. Imagine seeing your work on stage inspiring the rest of the beauty world. Being a runway makeup artist or hairstylist is a cosmetology job that allows you to travel and display your talents to a large audience.

TV & Film Makeup Artist

Every character in a movie or TV show has to achieve their look with the help of a makeup artist or hairstylist! This type of cosmetology job requires hard work with long hours and dedication, but the tradeoff is amazing. You go where the set is, wherever in the world they may be shooting. Not to mention working with the actors and directors on creating a look that really sells each character.

Editorial Stylist

Every magazine shoot has a team of people behind the scenes that make each glossy photo so special. Imagine styling models and looks that so many people see around the world! While these types of cosmetology jobs are normally freelance, the freedom to travel and do creative looks is so rewarding. Editorial work means helping create looks for billboards, album covers, magazines, and digital ads.

Your cosmetology job dream starts with an education at DuVall’s

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