Esthetician’s License: Job Types

With an Esthetician’s License there are so many different opportunities to consider! It really is a license that can allow you to work in a variety of settings and service types. Here are some of the jobs that you can look forward to after completing an esthetics program:

esthetician's license - salon or spa

Skin Specialist at Salon or Spa

In a salon setting, licensed estheticians guide their clients towards happier and healthier skin by recommending the best products and services. Skin care services can include facials, massages, and hair removal. With a license it can be easier to move up in salon management after a few years of experience.

esthetic's license - medical esthetician

Medical Esthetician

Providing skincare in hospital, clinic or medical spa can can be very fufilling as an esthetician. Usually working under dermatologists or plastic surgeons, medical esthetician’s perform services like hair removal, massages, and facials. Another important aspect of working in a hospital setting is using your skills to help patient surgical scarring appear less noticeable.

esthetician's license - beauty sales icon

Beauty Sales

Working as a brand or sales representative for a specific line of skincare or makeup means you have to know your products! This job involves promoting your brand to other industry professionals and potential retail buyers. Product demonstrations and training sessions show salon or spa owners how to use new products and help sell new lines.

Besides the job types listed above, an esthetician’s license can help you become a makeup artist, beauty blogger, business owner, licensing examiner, beauty copywriting specialist, or even an esthetician instructor!

DuVall’s School of Cosmetology has an esthetics program that provides all the training you need to be successful. When you enroll in the Advanced Esthetics Program at DuVall’s you will receive practical training and technical instruction covering aspects of Esthetics including Skin Analysis, Facials, Hair Removal, Exfoliation, Make-Up, Salon Management, and State Board Training. You will learn the art and science of Esthetics from experienced, passionate educators.